Covid-19 Safety Plan
Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patrons, staff, and instructors. For this reason, we are complying with the State Health Department's safety guidelines in order to keep all people in our building as safe as possible. All patrons, visitors, instructors, and staff will need to follow these guidelines, at all times while on premise.
  1. All in-studio classes will also be streamed live, so that patrons can choose the safest environment for them, based on their personal health needs and levels of comfort. Some classes will only be offered online. Children's in-studio classes will begin at a later date, based on how our teen and adult classes go. Visit our classes, workshops, and camps page for schedules and details.
  2. Temperatures will be taken at the door. No person who is ill or has a temperature of 99 degrees or above will be allowed into the studio. 
  3. Upon entering the building, and after using restrooms, all persons must sanitize hands before proceeding to classrooms.
  4. All persons entering must wear masks while on the premises and maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from others (8 feet while dancing), at all times, barring an emergency which requires closer contact. Children ages 3 and under are exempted from wearing masks.
  5. In-studio classes are capped at three students and one instructor per room.
  6. Patrons should bring as little as possible into the studio. Coats and personal bags should be hung up on a hanger and not left in chairs or on floors. Students may bring dance bags, which can be wiped down, into the classroom and place them on the floor by a wall, six feet apart. All dance attire and shoes should remain in dance bags, unless being used. Water bottles should be wiped down and labeled, before being brought into the classroom. No other drinks, or food, will be permitted in the building.
  7. Windows will remain open in all classrooms, during instruction. Classes will move to online only, when weather conditions do not allow for windows to be open.
  8. Only authorized staff may open or close windows.
  9. Entry will be spaced, so that there is no crowding, in he lobbies or on stairs. Only one parent/adult will be allowed to remain in the lobby, at a time, while his/her student(s) are in class.
  10. All commonly touched surfaces (doors, doorknobs, door frames, window sills, fans, mirrors, banisters, tables, sinks, toilets, counters, ballet barres, props, metal chairs, and hangers) will be cleaned after each use. Cloth covered chairs and props will not be used.
  11. No mats, yoga blocks, therabands, exercise or weight balls, or any other apparatus will be used in the building. Only hard surface props, which can be wiped down after each use will be allowed during rehearsals. 
  12. A ten minute interval will be set, between classes, in order to allow patrons to enter and exit while maintaining social distance. 
  13. Patrons should socialize outside of the building, maintaining social distance. Loiterers will be asked to wait outside.
  14. Instructors will not physically correct students, during class, so that they can maintain social distance. 
  15. Students should not wear dance shoes outside of the dance classroom and no one should enter the dance classroom or doorway in street shoes. Street shoes should be left in the designated shoe areas.
MUCAI Academy instructors and staff are well known for going out of our way to keep patrons safe, comfortable, happy, to create the best and most personalized experience possible. Together, we wil get through this.
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